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<a href=”http://relify.com&#8221; As a parent I am constantly trying to find new and fun things to do with my children that they will enjoy. As of this date we are members of the Maryland zoo and the Maryland science center, which I highly recommend. I have been taking my son to both since he was 2 months old and he loves it. In addition the Baltimore museam of Art and the Walters Art Gallery are great on rainy days. My son is 3 yrs. old and he asks to see the Thinker at the BMA…it is great. When the weather is nice the backyard at the BMA is wonderful b/c kids can run thru the statues. As a side note Gertrudes (the resturant there) offers cheaper meals one night of the week (just call to make sure that is still going on). The Walters is great, but sometimes parking is tuff). The Baltimore museam of Industry in Federal Hill is so much fun especially when they have activities. The Baltimore Child magazine offers great information on what to do with children you can check them out online at http://www.baltimoreschild.com. On Sunday mornings starting at 8am the Farmers Market is great it is under 83 off the Pleasent Street exit (it runs from May 3rd until December 20th). There are a ton of festivals that go on in the spring and summer. Johns Hopkins Spring Fair is April 24th thru the 26th, Pee Wee preakness in Federal Hill Park on May 12th at 11:30am and the Charles Village Festival and Parade June 6th thru the the 7th at Wyman Park Dell from 11am-6pm. There are so many things to choose from and I am constantly trying to find new things. I know the standards for me are Barnes and Noble story time, Ultimate Play Zone http://www.ultimateplayzone.com (which they love) and the mall (which I do as little as possible). I am happy to post more to do if anyone out there wants the information. http://www.citylivingbaltimore.com has a great calander on their site which I encourage anyone to check out as well. They also have a lot of information about what is going on in Baltimore. I would love to hear from anyone that has great ideas of where to take kids on rainy days or days of of school.


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