Small Broker Growing in Tough Market

Every Wednesday I go to the Broker Opens.  This affords me the opportunity to see what is on in the market and to network with agents about my new website  This past Wednesday I had the opportunity today to go to a different kind of open house.  This open house was for a new real estate office for a small real estate broker, Cummings & Co.  Up until now they had one location in the heart of Baltimore City in an area known as Canton.  In these times, I have witnessed some of the larger brokers close and consolidate their offices.  I have seen small brokers affiliate with other small brokers to keep their offices afloat.  When I heard about Cummings & Co. opening another office I was excited to hear about the success.

Here is a small broker going out on a limb to grow a business in a tough market.  With an office in the City and now in one in Baltimore County, Cummings & Co. offers the best of both worlds to their agents and clients.  I wish Dave Cummings and everyone at Cummings & Co. the best of luck with the new office. There are many great real estate companies in Baltimore with talented agents.  I am writing this blog because it is so nice to hear success stories in real estate and I wanted to share it!  You can locate and agent at Cummings & Co., or any other brokerage as well as going to and click locate an agent.    

Stuart Berman

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Here is a link to a recent article about the company.


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