When I think about the economy, the global warming, and threats from other countries I can see why people’s moods are well…not very optomistic. I started to wonder about what improves moods. In the past there was shopping, massage, mani/pedi sit outside with coffee, well basically taking time for myself. Now that I have kids and I am supposed to be saving money what outlets are there. I have spoken with several friends who no longer have the option to shop and spend $$$ on themselves. So now we can enjoy our kids, when they are sweet or sleeping, watch tv (which feels too unproductive) or look for other fun things to do. Some of my friends have taken up crafts or organized their house, some have found new jobs. For me, well starting my new company brings me so much pleasure. keeps me busy and lifts my spirits when I think of watching something grow from an idea to an actual working thing. I get excited to think that our website will help people promote themselves while others find exactly what they are looking for. I hope that overall people have something that makes them happy too. It has been so beneficial for me!


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