Real Estate Marketing in Maryland

relifycom6Okay, so there are so many sites out there on how to find a house, mortgage broker, contractors and resources. My husband I started to look for our house a few years ago and checked out all of the websites, spoke to agents…did a lot of leg work driving around neighborhoods we were interested in and it got us thinking…there has to be an easier way. So, we thought of what our ideal website would look like if we could design what we wanted all under one roof. That is how we came up with It is a one stop shop. You can locate an agent, search property for sale by agents, owners, builders and auction companies as well as search the Multiple List in Maryland. You can search for a mortgage broker and even find a contractor for your home’s needs. In addition we added a feature called “myrelify”. myrelify not only tags your agent, broker and contractors, it also allows you to input all of your homes information (like paint colors, warranty information and appliances). And now it is built and on the web. I encourage anyone who is looking for anything home related to search our site and anyone that works in the real estate industry to post on our FREE site. We do not require anyone to log on to view any of the information. Feedback is welcome!



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